Biological Age Testing

Discover the future of health diagnostics with TruDiagnostic's epigenetic age testing at Kallos, now available in Lagos, Nigeria. As the first provider of this advanced biological age assessment in Africa, Kallos offers a unique opportunity to understand your health like never before.

What is TruDiagnostic's Epigenetic Age Testing?

In Lagos and across Nigeria, the demand for innovative health solutions is rising. TruDiagnostic's epigenetic age testing, known as TruAge, meets this demand by using cutting-edge technology to accurately measure biological age. This test, a first in Africa, goes beyond traditional health assessments, providing a comprehensive view of your health status.

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What is Included in TruDiagnostic's Epigenetic Age Testing?

The TruAge testing process includes:

  • In-Clinic Blood Sample Collection: A small blood sample is taken from your finger in a quick and minimally invasive procedure.
  • Laboratory Analysis: Your sample is registered and sent to TruDiagnostic's private, CLIA-certified lab for analysis.
  • Detailed Reports: You will receive extensive reports detailing your Epigenetic Biological Age, Telomere Length, and Dunedin PACE (your current rate of aging).

Benefits of Epigenetic Age Testing

Key benefits include:

  • Accurate Biological Age Assessment: Gain a precise understanding of your biological age.
  • In-depth Health Insights: Learn about age-related risks and your current health status.
  • Personalized Health Planning: Use the insights to tailor your health and wellness strategies.
  • Effectiveness of Lifestyle Changes: Monitor how your lifestyle impacts your biological aging.

Learn About Your Visit

  • Book your appointment easily from anywhere in Nigeria.
  • Come relaxed to our Lagos clinic for your TruAge test.
  • Experience a quick and minimally invasive finger-prick blood test.
  • Our staff will guide you through the sample registration process, tailored for our Nigerian clients.
  • Continue your day with minimal disruption.
  • We provide a clear timeframe for results, accessible from anywhere in the world.

How it Works

Why Choose TruAge at Kallos in Lagos?

  • Localized Service: Tailored for the health needs of Lagos and Nigeria.
  • Highly Accurate and Reliable: Utilizing technology trusted worldwide, now available in West Africa.
  • Secure and Trusted Locally: Compliant with Nigerian health standards and data security norms.
  • Comprehensive Health Insights: Detailed reports providing insights crucial for residents in Lagos and Nigeria.

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