Onda Anti-Cellulite & Localized Fat

Anti-cellulite treatments at Kallos use an innovative approach to addressing one of the most common cosmetic concerns: cellulite. This non-invasive treatment offers a cutting-edge solution to reduce the appearance of cellulite, leading to smoother and firmer skin. It's particularly appealing for its effectiveness, safety, and the added benefit of minimal downtime. Say goodbye to that cellulite and smooth out that skin.

What is an Onda Anti-Cellulite Treatment?

Our technology involves the use of microwaves to specifically target cellulite. The technology is designed to penetrate deeply into the skin to reach the subcutaneous fat layers, disrupting fat cells and stimulating collagen production. Unlike other treatments, this device precisely focuses on the cellulite-causing structures while preserving the surrounding tissues, making it an effective and safe option for cellulite reduction, without removing volume.

Treatment Options

Onda 30 Minute Treatment

₦ 300,000

Onda 45 Minute Treatment

₦ 375,000

Onda 60 Minute Treatment

₦ 450,000

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What is Included?

In a typical anti-cellulite treatment session, a device emitting specialized microwaves is applied to the skin's surface over the areas affected by cellulite. The microwaves heat the subcutaneous fat layers while simultaneously cooling the skin's surface, ensuring patient comfort. Treatments are relatively quick, usually lasting about 15 to 20 minutes per area, and are generally well-tolerated with minimal discomfort. There is no significant downtime, allowing patients to return to their daily activities immediately following the session.

What are the benefits of our Skin Tightening Treatment?

Our anti-cellulite treatment offers several key advantages in addressing unwanted cellulite:

  • Targeted Fat Reduction: Effectively targets and reduces subcutaneous fat cells that contribute to cellulite.
  • Improves Skin Texture: Stimulates collagen production, leading to firmer and smoother skin.
  • Non-Invasive and Safe: A non-surgical option that minimizes risks and requires no recovery time.
  • Comfortable Treatment Experience: Designed to be a pain-free treatment with a cooling mechanism to protect the skin.

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Proper preparation can enhance the effectiveness of the anti-cellulite treatment.

  • Stay hydrated, as this may help in achieving better results.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to the appointment.
  • Avoid applying any creams or lotions to the treatment area on the day of the session.
  • Discuss your medical history and any concerns with your practitioner to ensure the treatment is suitable for you.

The process is designed to be comfortable and straightforward.

  • The practitioner will apply the device to the target areas.
  • You will feel a warming sensation as the microwaves target the fat cells, with the device simultaneously cooling the skin.
  • Each area will be treated for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • You can relax during the treatment; some patients read or listen to music.

Aftercare for our anti-cellulite treatment is minimal.

  • Resume normal activities immediately; there's no downtime required.
  • You may notice slight redness or warmth in the treated area, but this should dissipate quickly.
  • Stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to support long-term results.
  • Follow your practitioner’s advice regarding the number of sessions needed to achieve your desired outcome, as multiple treatments are often necessary for optimal results. Results are enhanced by lymphatic drainage sessions.

How it Works

Our technology uses microwaves to selectively target and heat the subcutaneous fat layers, causing a reduction in fat cells and stimulating collagen production in the dermis. This dual action not only reduces cellulite but also improves the overall texture and firmness of the skin.

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