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In a world where time casts shadows, Kallos unveils the magic within. With each passing year, discover not your end, but your prime. Your greatest self awaits.

Unique Aging, Unified Approach

Every person's aging journey is distinct, yet bound by common threads. Our perspective on aging and healthspan is all-encompassing, acknowledging the variety of factors that interplay in this unique yet collective human experience.


Over 80% of individuals believe that healthier skin can boost their confidence. At Kallos, we delve into the art and science of aesthetics, ensuring you not only look your best but feel your best too.


By the age of 65, over 67% of people experience mobility issues. Our specialized physiotherapy solutions aim to counteract age-related movement restrictions, giving you the freedom to move, dance, and live without bounds.


Over 50% of aging-related ailments stem from factors invisible to the naked eye. Delving deep, our approaches uncover and address these root causes, paving the way for a rejuvenated, whole-self transformation.


Nearly 70% of your immune system resides in your gut. Our nutritional strategies are tailored to enhance gut health, fueling your body and mind, and laying the foundation for a prolonged, vibrant life.

Aging is More Than Meets the Eye

In the development of Kallos, we conducted thorough research to pinpoint the four fundamental pillars of the aging process. Our holistic approach to aging is founded on these four key elements, which we consider the cornerstone of your individual journey towards living better, longer.

The Visible Signs of Aging

Discover the secrets to preserving and enhancing your natural beauty. We'll delve into the realm of aesthetics, where science and artistry converge to combat visible signs of aging, leaving you radiant and confident.

Movement & Mobility

Unlock the potential of an active, fulfilling life. Our physiotherapy services empower you with enhanced movement and mobility, reducing discomfort and revitalizing your agility.

Nutrition & Gut Health

Embark on a journey of inner nourishment. Explore the profound impact of personalized nutrition plans on your well-being. Discover the synergy between quality food choices and weight management.

Invisible Signs of Aging

Dive into the science of relaxation and rejuvenation, where we address the invisible signs of aging. Explore innovative therapies that rejuvenate your vitality at the cellular level, transforming your aging journey.

Our Values

Forged by Our Values: Shaping Every Facet of Our Business and Your Experience

Icon of a mirror reflecting diverse signs of aging, symbolizing self-awareness and the beauty of aging, emphasizing Kallos' philosophy of positive self-perception and embracing one's natural beauty at any age.


At Kallos, we understand that well-being is a personal journey. We are dedicated to tailoring every aspect of your experience to your unique needs and goals. We create personalized wellness plans and treatments to help you achieve your health and beauty aspirations. Your journey with Kallos is all about you, ensuring that your path to well-being is as individual as you are.

Icon showcasing a person seated with legs crossed, representing Kallos' commitment to supporting physical vitality and mobility at every stage of aging.


Innovation is the driving force behind the magic at Kallos. We are committed to staying at the forefront of wellness and anti-aging solutions. We are always exploring cutting-edge therapies and techniques. Our dedication to innovation ensures that you have access to the latest advancements in the science of aging, empowering you to embrace a future of vitality and longevity.

Icon of an avocado representing the significance of good fats for cognitive health, illustrating Kallos' emphasis on nutrition's pivotal role in aging gracefully and promoting overall wellness through healthy eating.


Empowerment lies at the heart of the Kallos experience. We empower you to take control of your well-being and aging journey. We provide the knowledge, tools, and personalized solutions you need to feel confident, vibrant, and in charge of your own health. Kallos is your partner in unlocking your full potential.

Icon of a heart intertwined with a lifeline symbolizing the depth of aging, emphasizing the unseen aspects of health and the importance of internal well-being for a fulfilling future.


At Kallos, we believe that your journey to well-being should be elegant, seamless, and beautiful. We infuse elegance into every detail of your experience, from the aesthetic treatments that enhance your beauty to the serene and welcoming ambiance of our center. We strive to make every interaction with Kallos an elegant and refined one.

Our Vision

To create a world where time doesn't dictate the boundaries of our well-being. In this world, age is not an indication of decline, but a testament to the enchanting tapestry of life, each year a new thread weaving into the grand design of our existence. We believe in the magic of endless possibilities, where age becomes an illusion, and the journey of well-being knows no limits. We dream of awakening the potential within every individual, guiding them through a captivating odyssey of wellness, where vibrancy, activity, and fulfillment are not bound by age, but are eternally within reach.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the catalyst of transformation, guiding individuals on a journey to become the best versions of themselves. We defy the limitations of age, equipping people with the knowledge, resources, and personalized support to not only embrace but to eagerly pursue their prime at any stage of life.

We firmly believe that your prime is a horizon yet to be reached, a realm where vitality, wisdom, and well-being converge. Our essence lies in the unwavering belief that the best version of you is not behind, but ahead. We are dedicated to unlocking the boundless potential within you, illuminating the path to a future where your most vibrant, fulfilled self awaits.

At Kallos, we don't just challenge the status quo of aging; we transcend it. Our mission is to empower you to step into your prime, to redefine what's possible, and to embark on an ever-evolving journey toward your optimal self. Your prime is a destination yet to be discovered, and we are here to guide you on the enchanting road to your limitless potential.

Our Story

In the heart of healthcare evolution, Kallos began its journey. Originally conceived as a hospital, our project was rooted in the pursuit of helping people. As we delved deeper into the realm of modern medicine, a realization dawned upon us. We saw a healthcare system heavily leaned towards remedial action, often engaged only in times of illness. This sparked a transformative idea in our minds. What if we could shift the focus from merely treating sickness to nurturing wellness?

This epiphany led to the birth of Kallos. We envisioned a new paradigm – not just a healthcare provider, but a wellness companion. Kallos was created with a mission to keep people healthy, to prevent rather than just cure. We reimagined a model where health isn't a response to illness but a continuous journey of well-being. By encouraging proactive health management, Kallos aims to promote a better, longer life for everyone. Our story is not just about healthcare transformation; it’s about redefining the very essence of living healthy. Join us as we unfold the chapters of our journey, a journey where each step is geared towards empowering you to embrace a life of sustained wellness.

Our Leadership: The Cornerstone of Innovation and Excellence

Meet the Architects of Our Vision: The Pioneers Shaping Our Business

Eniola Beckley

Head of Administration

Dr. Charbel Chahine

Head of Physiotherapy

Dr. Bisola Otigba


Ni Nyoman Yuliani

Head Nutritionist

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